Right, Apple have a few ways of getting music and video from your PC/Mac to your Audio/Video equipment: The Apple TV and Airport Express. Both have their advantages:

Airport Express advantages:

  • Can act as a extender to your network
  • streams audio to external speakers (AirTunes)
  • USB port for Printer
  • Network port for machines with no Wifi

Apple TV Advantages:

  • Video support
  • hard drive
  • photo support
  • etc

But there are disadvantages too:

Airport Express

  • I don’t need a network extender
  • I don’t need it to have a USB port
  • I don’t need it to have a net connection

Apple TV

  • my TV does not have component in
  • I don’t need a new extender (my Xbox 360 does a good job)
  • does not have AirTunes

What I want it an AirTunes Express: something with plugs into a power adapter, like the Airport Express, and has an audio out connection (Digital or Analog) and that’s it! As long as it talks to iTunes for streaming music over a wireless network, and is cheap (say $50) I would be VERY happy.

Even a non Apple product would be cool. How about a software version of this? I have more music on my desktop then I have on the laptop, so stream from the PC to the Laptop would be sweet. just have it sitting down stairs, closed, hidden, connected to speakers, and remotely control iTunes using a Pocket PC or something similar.

I though I was on to a winner with this post, but unfortunately, not. </p>