So, its been one of those months. busy, busy! I havent had a chance to do a lot of blogging, but, hopefully i will over the weekend. but just some quick updates on whats going on.

First, the blog, which is currently hosted in France, will be moving back home over the weekend. Its not that i am not happy with OVH, the guys running the server, but its because i now have extra bandwidth to play with. i hope to start the move over the weekend, and you should not notice any down time (Famous last words…).

Next, a mobile version of the site is now live. Thanks to the guys at MoFuse, I have 2 versions. 1 for mobiles and one for iPhones. the links are as follows:

I have been playing with it on the iPhone and it works quite well. So, hopefully, a more normal post schedule will return soon…