So, it finally happened! The blog has left home and moved to France. My Dedicated server arrived this morning, and i moved the blog and this is the first post on the new machine. the machine that is running the blog is a 1.2Gz Ceneron 220, 1Gb ram, 250Gb hdd and 100mb/s internet connection. compaired to the box at home, its got more ram and hard drive space, a lot more bandwdith but processor power is slightly lacking. i am looking into upgrading to a newer box soon though. OVH’s  (French site, UK site here.) next box up has 2Gb ram, a dual core Pentium E2180 or a P4 3Gz with HT (i want the E2180!) and has the same amount of storage and bandwidth. we will see how this works out over the next few days. any questions, opinions, etc, leave comments!