So, a few days ago, I mentioned SimpleCDN, a very cool Content Delivery Company, which has a very novel approach to CDN business: one time charge. I talked about it before, and a few days back they updated their pricing for smaller files (under 100k). Well, for the last few days, I have been trying to figure out what the best way was to upload files to their site for delivery, and I have found it!

One of the features SimpleCDN offer is called AutoCDN (see bottom of the page). The way it works is by changing the URLs on your site. So, Take the SimpleCDN logo of this post as an example.

[update] removed URLs. right click the image and see the URL its pointing to.

better yet, I don’t need to upload the image to their servers to host it. all I have to do is append the the autoCDN string to the front of my URLs (by the way, only works with my domain name, so no cheating!). this works great, and only involved minor tweaks to the Image hosting site! Thank you SimpleCDN! :)