SimpleCDNI found simpleCDN Today, and i am very interested and a bit bowled over! the idea is simple (hence the name). you upload a file, and your charged for that. and thats it. no monthly charges, no bandwidth charges, no usage charges. NOTHING! well, except the upload in the first place…

the Pricing page shows how much you pay for different file sizes. for example, files upto 1mb will cost you 1 credit ($1). 1-5mb costs 2 credits. and it goes up. 20gb will cost you only 335 credits!

So, some maths here. Say, i get back into podcasting (which i would like to do, eventually) and i do both a Video cast and MP3 cast. the MP3 would weigh in at, say, 15mb, and the video would be about 50 – 75mb. it would cost me 5 credits to upload the MP3 and 9 credits to upload the Video. but that would be it. no more charges. with S3 (as an example), i would pay a reoccuring charge of about a cent a month to host both (mp3 would cost $0.002 and the video would cost about $0.007, but amazon round up, so we say a $0.01). for each download i would be charged $0.002 per mp3 and $0.008 per video. doesent sound like a lot, right? Ok, but if i get 100 downloads of that , that works out at $0.80 for the video and $0.20 for the mp3. if the file has a “long tail” of 1 – 5 downloads a month, thats another 1 – 4c per month. hosting for the year would cost between 2 and 9c.

again, doesent sound like a lot, but after a year, this place would pay for itself. especially if your working with files over 75mb! 100 downloads of a 75mb file would cost you $1.27, 6c per month reoccuring for 5 downloads and another cent or so a month for hosting.

If you sign up, they even give you 15 credits to play with! signed up already, and i will be playing with this over the next while.