I have been thinking about this DRM Free iTunes idea for a few days now (this is the third post, 1 and 2 are here) and i missed something: Albums will be priced the same, even though they are DRM Free. This nows means that if you are going to buy an album, and its available in 2 versions, DRM crippled at 128kb/s, or DRM Free with 2x the quality, why on earth would you pay for the crippled version? Its crippled in 2 ways: not as good quality, and DRM enabled. the mind boggles on that.

Secondly, What devices will support AAC. Well, the Zune does, which is nice. The PSP also supports AAC, and the Pocket PC will play it too. Ohh, and if i remember correctly, the XBox 360 will play AAC Files