So, yesterday i talked about the design of the oqo, but i dident get a lot of time to play around with it properly, because 1: it needed to be charged for 24hours before i could unplug it, and 2, for some reason my Wireless network is acting up and it would no connect. Well, today, i am blogging with it! its very nice. screen is a bit small, but then again, so is the whole thing. it fits nicely into my pocket, and its all good.

touch screen works great. I cant wait to install Office and OneNote on this! i also have to install XP Tablet PC edition, since there is no built in support for the stylus and inking in XP Home.

So, so far so good. one pad point in the heat. Man this thing gets HOT! i left it running last night, installing updates, and when i picked it up, it was VERY VERY hot. i have been playing with the cooling srttings, so hopefully this will solve the issue, but we wait and see.