So, last week i seen Expansys selling the OQO model 01+ for a very cheap price, and deicided to sell the EEE and get an OQO instead. 

I bought mine with Windows XP home edition, and i will be installing XP Tablet on it soon. I may even try Vista on it, though it seems as if its not memory upgradable… :(

the reasons for this where the size difference, the touch screen and the 30Gb hard drive. Well, this morning the OQO arrived, and so far, so good!


The first thing you notice is the size of this thing. Its tiny! i mean, a LOT smaller than the EEE its replacing. the second thing is the design. You can see they got their design ideas from Apple:


So, the only problem i have found is the battery. it needs to charge for 24hours before it resets its self. Windows has not “found” the battrey yet, and by the looks of things, this is by design

The final thing i will mention now is the contents of the packaging:


this is something that a lot of companies dont do: add a load of extras in the box. The box included the OQO its self, a charging cable for house, car and plane, a docking cable (plugs into the OQO and has connectors for Cat5, USB, Power, VGA and Firewire), a nice little stand for use when charging or using at a desk, and a carry case. All included in the price! Not bad, not bad at all!