I was checking out dells site for my soon to be new server, and found out
that their PowerEdge
now has options of a 64bit Celeron, a 64bit Pentium 4 or a 64bit
Pentium D (dual core), which is pretty cool!

so im looking at getting one with a 64bit celeron chip (2.53Gz with 256k
cache, 80gb hdd and i will upgrade the ram from 256mb to 1gb) which will act as
a web/sql server running win2k3 x64 edition, and a second one (64bit P4 2.8Gz,
1mb cache, 1Gb ram, 3 x 80Gb hdds (one with it, one bought seperate)) wich will
run 32bit win2k3 server and exchange 2003. with the extra ram the whole thing
should cost about 1500EUR.

not bad for a complete network upgrade with 2 full proper servers. though i
do have to get a new router, gigabit networking gear, and some other things, but
still. 1750 should cover the lot. any comments? any sugestions? i know 64bit
Windows wont run Exchange
, so thats why im only running 32 bit windows on
that box.