So, the website has been running slow for the last while. its a mix of it sitting on a machine that is quite overloaded, and has a serious lack of ram. Well, hopefully the problem will be solved soon. I am looking at Dedicated servers from a company called OVH who are managing to offer me a Dedicated 64bit server, running Windows 2003 Server Standard, with a Gig of ram and 100mbs connection for less than some providers are offering shared hosting for. And this is not VPS! Its a FULL DEDICATED SERVER! ok, it only has a Celeron Processor (Quoted as either a Celeron 220 or Celeron D) and i would have liken the option of Windows Server 2008, but for the price, i am not complaining too much! It takes a while to setup the machine, but once thats done, i will update you with move details.