So, i have been meaning to do this write up for a while now, but with one thing or another, things got in the way. there are now 3 big contenders in the Servers as a Utility war that i can see, and i have looked into. If i am missing any, drop me a mail, and i will have a look at them.

Anyway, the 3 contenders are: Amazon, FlexiScale and GoGrid (in alphabetical order). So, we start with the first, Amazon.

Amazon have been in the market for quite some time now with their EC2 product for quite some time now. The first post about this, i can find on my blog, is back on August 25th 2006. Since then, they have added extra instnace types, ranging from a single 32 bit Compute unit with 1.7Gb RAM and 160Gb hdd to 20 CPU Units with 7GB of ram, 1.69Tb storage on a 64bit platform, or if you want more memory, 15Gb RAM, 8 CPU Units and 1.69Tb storage on 64bit platform. Pricing starts at 10c per hour and goes to 80c per hour.