Right, this is very cool! You build a website, needing a lot of bandwidth and other stuff, but a dedicated server is expencive, and takes time to install. never fear, Amazon is here! Check out the info about the new Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). you can configure as many (currently limited to 20) virtual machines as you need (currently limited to Linux, but maybe more?) each with 1.75Gb ram, 160Gb hdd, 250mb/s network connection and a 1.7Gz Xeon (or at least simular processor) and your good to go! Pricing: 10c per instance hour consumed (so, 2.40 per day, per instance), 20c transfered outside of Amazon (internet stuff) and the usual Amazon S3 charges for your image (see site for more). VERY COOL!!! :)
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