[Slashdot Zaurus SL-5600/SL-5500 Comparison Whitepaper][1] Sounds nice. i want a different palm top then the one i have. main reason is the fact i cant get a blue tooth adapter for it cheap (costs .220+, more then the palm top cost me!) and i cant get a WLAN card for it at all (only available on bigger sony Clie’s). I have a Sonly Clie PEG SL10. if i had the money, something like this would be good. either that or a windows CE or Pcoket PC2002 device, but linux would be nice! :P
[1]: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/03/22/1345236 “Slashdot Zaurus SL-5600/SL-5500 Comparison Whitepaper”