Right then. i mentioned eirler on that i was getting a twin WAN connection into my house. if you want to read what im on about, theres some stuff about what i said here. Anyway, basicly, i want to get a dual wan router. i was going to build a linux box to do this, but the problem with the linux box is setup. with a dual wan router, like the Xincom XC-DPG402 its simpply a matter of pluggin both modems into it, connecting it to the other end of the network and turning it on. some setup is required over a web based configuration, but thats about it. i have been reading quite a lot of reviews on the subject. here are links direct from the Xincom site:

AMD Power – Dual WAN Showdown <a class=linkOrange href=”http://www.lostcircuits.com/network/xincom_dpg402/” target=_blank>
Toms Hardware Guide
Guru 3D

So i have pretty much decided on that one. it looks good, has some major advantages over the competition (SNMP, better load balancing, better virtual server support, etc) so it looks like the one! dont know when im getting it. probably next month. now to build a comms closet….