Some info about the next XBox is available here. i like the fact that it is more then 1 Tera flop of power, and its a multicore chip. i want one as a workstation! not that theres anything wrong with a game machine with that much power, but for me i dont play games that often. i get bored quickly and want my Visual studio or internet explorer, or email or what ever back! i wonder if it will be hackable like the old one where they managet to get Linux and Windows CE running on it…. Running CE would be cool on it, but some how i think XP Embedded wont work since it needs an x86 processor, and the XBox 2 will have PPC (i think). Still it would be a fun project. [update] more info about it, including some spec info (like the fact that its currently got a 3 core 3Gz PowerPC processor, but the Alpha 2 models will come with 2 3Gz cores) is available here at GeekNewsCentral. sounds sweet!