So, tomorrow is the WWDC 2008. I will be watching a few places, waiting for news on what gets announed, released, etc. I will do some preditions and hopes, but first, where to get the information:

Engadget always have a live blog going on at Apple Events, and tomorrows is no different. Tune in here tomorrow from the following times tomorrow:

07:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
05:00PM – GMT
06:00PM – London/Dublin
07:00PM – Paris
02:00AM – Tokyo (June 10th)

[borrowed from Engadgets page here].

Engadget are also twrittering the WWDC, from what i can gather. keep your eye on or subscribe to Engadget on Twitter.

Finally, i will be wirting up stuff once the dust settles and the credit card is maxed out… But, if you want to following me on Twitter too, go ahead. i may post stuff there when i can.

So, Predctions, hopes, etc? So, everyone is predicting 3G iPhone with GPS. i hope this gets released. I would be very happy if it did. I’m also thinking that there will be 2 pricing structures for this: 1 price locked from the carriers, but at a very steap discount, and one from Apple, unlocked, but probably more expencive than the iPhones at the moment. You may also see Activation of the iPhone going in store and customers either not being given the option of activating at home, or paying full price at the store and getting money back on their contract after activation… Since the iPhone can be JailBroken, this sounds a likley option… Hopefully not ture, but we will see tomorrow…

Next, Mac Mini: I really hope this little critter is not killed. Given its usefullness as a HPC cluster, i want a couple of these. Could we see Quad Core Mac Minis? probably not… I also hope, in one way, that apple dont modify it to run the Atom Processor… If it did, it would not be as powerfull as the current Core2Duo in it, and would reduice my Want factor. mind you, a Mac Mini Mini would be very cool with an Atom Chip…

Finally, redesigned MacBook Pros? New Mac Pros? New iMacs? Who knows… Well, Steve Jobs, more than likley… only time (and Jobs) will tell…