I have started work on the ASP.NET version of my weblog as of i think Saturday last. I was working on it last night a bit too, and i will be working on it more tonight too. it will be going BETA hopefully this weekend, but currently will be running on port 8080, not the standard web port. i have to work on URL rewriting, and some hacking of the MySQL DB too, but its working to an extent. i would show you now, but its not live, yet. no where near it! :) once that works i will be working on www.the-hairy-one.com, which should now be pop-up free as of now. well, the open directory part is popup free, i hope. I hope everything goes well, and i will keep you all updated. the moving to ASP.NET will make mobile posting a reality for me, since it is a bit of a pain in the ass at the moment to do. watch this space!