Right. There are a few things I want to

do over the next few days. Firstly, I want to get my blog template working

properly. I have an idea how this is done, now to implement it! Secondly I want

to get my content management system working properly. It works, sort of, but I

want to get it working properly. Secondly, I.m going to learn ADO.net. Not sure

how, but ill try! Finally, with my new knowledge of ADO.net (that I should have

learned by now) I.m going to work on Lotas Notes.NET. Not sure weather to use

VS2002 or VS2003. I have VS 2002, 2003 and 6 all on my machine. Madness! I.m in

college on Tuesday to hand up 2 things, and then I.m finished for the Easter

break. Not sure when I.m back, but ill find that out Tuesday.