this blog post shows you how to get WordPress working on IIS. and this one shows you how to get the permalinks looking cool under IIS too. Also, check out ISAPI_Rewrite. Its a little addon for IIS which comes in 2 versions, a lite one, which is free and a non lite one which is not free. the lite one looks good. since i will be testing on Windows XP Pro, i dont need virtual servers, since they are not supported. i will start playing with this soon. i know i was to move the server inhouse last weekend, but i dident get a chance. this weekend i could get it moved, but i dont know yet. IIS on XP Pro might not be able to handle the connections i get since its limited to 10 connections at a time. but i will start playing around and see what happens. interesting read and handy articles. Found though Wordlog.