So, i had been running Vista BETA 2 on my main workstation for a while now, and i finally got to upgrade to the Post RC 1 build (5728) with Office 2007 B2TR as well. a few things i have noticed:

1: I was having crasing issues with going into Admin Mode (UAC i think its called, the yellow shield) and it was really annoying me. it only seemed to happen in the first 10min of the system booting. i upgraded the graphics drivers (NVidia have drivers for Vista RC1 + and i installed them) and now everything seems grand.

2: The 2 Dell Monitors i have both have USB ports on them. only thing is Vista does not see these. If i plug in a USB key or a mouse, i get nothing. Hopefully drivers will be released soon.

3: Seems faster. cant give speed estimates agenst RC1 since i never ran it on this box, but its faster at most things compaired to BETA 2.

So far so good! More on it later if i find out anything else more interesting.