Windows Vista

I have been a bit (well, bit is an under statment, lets just say very) busy over the last couple of weeks, and havent had a chance to do a lot of blogging, working on stuff, or, well, anything. I have been working on the photography blog and site, which is on a little break (well, the development of it is, which i will explain in a while) and other bits and peices. i have been trying to prefect my Digital workflow for photography too, which i hope to post some info on soon, and, well, general mucking around, but not a lot of blogging…

So, back to the main subject of this post: Windows Vista. I have finally taken the plunge and ungraded my workstation (well, i say upgraded, it was a clean install) to Vista BETA 2, and this is pretty cool. Its my main Media Center PC, which again i want to talk about more later, but so far so good. But that is now my third machine (that i own, 4 i work on, as a machine in work runs Vista) and i am looking at upgrading 2 more (the main Media Center down stairs and my sisters Media Center/Main PC). This will be interesting if all works well. But as i said, so far so good. more reports later!

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