Right. im looking at a Dell Inspiorn 1100 laptop and it comes preinstalled with Windows XP home and Microsoft works. well, i dont want XP home and MS works. ill be getting this, formatting it and installing redhat 9.0 or the next one (10? 9.1? dont know what it will be called). I was on the phone to dell and they siad that i would probably get about 20 quid. thats pretty crap. windows xp home is on komplett.ie for 110 for the OEM edition, and 273 for the non OEM Edition. now i understand that Dell did not pay 110 for the copy of XP, but technically i will when i buy the laptop. Also you get microsoft works with it. this is not very good. cant find a copy of this anywhere, so it will probaby worth nothing. but if i can get my money back, at least for XP, i would be happy. [update] here is the how-to on windows refund.net