Random question, but could be useful for others, and my self, if i get an answer. Since i will be building this MobileBlogPoster for multiple platforms (WM5 PPC and Smartphone, and WM6 Standard, Profesional and Classic) the question of class libraries comes to mind. If i develop a class library that does 99% of the backend work (Talking to Flickr, talking to the blogs, etc) can that be used on all devices, or do i need a rebuild? I will probably answer the question my self soon, but if anyone out there has an answer, please leave a comment.

 [update] I have an answer: By the looks of things, the answer is yes. i created a very basic class (which had one method which returned a string) and added it to a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smart Phone app. both worked without an issue. So, there you go! Anythings posible! :)