Ok. i got the update to my axim to get it to run Windows Media Player 10 as i mentioned on Friday and it really does make pod casting a lot easer. well at least downloading and listening to podcasts anyway. So, i have Media player 10 on the PC set to watch a folder for new content. this is the PodCast downloads folder that Ipodder puts the files into. i then created an auto playlist that takes any audio in that directory that has been added in the last day and displays it there. finaly, i set the Pocket PC to sync Automaticly with the podcast autoplaylist, songs i have set as 4 or 5 stars, and heay presto, its done. i do a lot of compression though. any audio that syncs with it is compressed to 64KBit/s WMA format and video, which i will talk about in a minuite, is encoded at 50Kbit/s.
Now, as for video. i have decided to run a quick test. i have created a directory called channel9 on my hard drive. i then subscribed to the channel 9 video feed and when a new video is posted, i click the link going to the video page and right click the download video link and hit save. now, there must be a better way of doing this other then manually, but i havent found it yet. still looking though. so the latest video, Jeffrey Snover – Monad explained , is about 73mb as a standard WMV file. i will see what it becomes after compression.
The only problem i have at the moment is i am quickly running out of space on my palm top. there is a 128mb SD Card in it at the moment which quickly gets filled up. so, now i am looking for a 512mb or larger card. i dont know when i will get it, but hopefully it will be soon!
Finaly, 2 announcements. Firstly, im working on a complete replacement to wordpress written in ASP.NET, probably using VB.NET. i may move the DB from MySQL to MSSQL, but i havent decided that yet. Why? well, extensibility. there are things i would like to get wordpress to do, but it cant or wont. and i dont know enough PHP to do it. i would like to write my own implementation, but due to the fact that my site is already here and fairly high in google rankings, i would like to keep it that way. so im looking at URL rewriting and other things. so, keep your eyes on the site for a new version! And PodCasting: im thinking of doing one of these. i dont know about bandwidth, but i will try it and host my MP3 somewhere else. maybe my ISP’s free webspace, or my .Mac account. But watch this space for my first one this week… [Updated] Fixed the channel 9 link above.