i have started to use my mac a lot, and i think its mainly the screen, but the one thing i have noticied is that when i want to watch a new channel 9 video, i open it on the mac, just because its my closest machine, and Windows media player for the mac loads. only one problem. it sucks. it sucks more the the average Dyson, and thats a lot! i have told it i have a T1 internet connection. it know that, but the videos i play all start playing at the speed of 47kb/s and its very bad. my pocket PC has better video then this. and dont get me started on Quick Time. i tried to watch a WWDC a while back and on my mac, after the first 40 min or so, the sound died. same happend on my windows box. i had to reset the video, and then it started to get grainy, and everything else. Why is it so hard to watch Video on a mac, especially WMV. at least quicktime knows im running on T1 speed download connection. Anyone have any tips?