You may have noticed my last post being “Posted in the future using Windows Live Writer” and wondered what that was about. Well, BETA 2 of Windows Live Writer was released a [few days back][1], and because today (Monday 4th June) is a bank holiday, I though I would write up my posts the night before (this one is being written at 3.50am) and post over the course of the day.

some nice features! (robbing these off the post above)

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Cool stuff!


New Authoring Capabilities

  • Inline spell checking
  • Table editing
  • Ability to add categories
  • Page authoring for WordPress and TypePad
  • Support for excerpts and extended entries
  • Improved hyperlinking and image insertion
  • Paste Special
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Tables and spell checking

Integration and Compatibility

  • SharePoint 2007 support
  • New APIs enabling custom extensions by weblog providers
  • Automatic synchronization of local and online edits
  • Integration with Windows Live Gallery
  • Support for Blogger Labels
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Adding categories


  • New look and feel
  • Available in 6 languages
  • Improved accessibility and keyboard support
  • Many other frequently requested enhancements!
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Page authoring