In my last post, i said i wanted NAS for my house, but dident explain why. Lets try and explain. I have 2 laptops (Dell Inspiron 510M and Apple PowerBook G4 15”) both with wireless, 2 servers (Duron 700 with 384mb ram and 30Gb hdd, and a Dell PowerEdge 2.4Gz Xeon with 768mb ram and 80Gb hdd), currently 1 workstation (Dual Athlon 2Gz with 1Gb ram and 200Gb hdd) and i am soon getting a seperate dedicated media center pc, a second workstation (looking at a nice dual Opteron) and probably one or 2 other interesting things. My storage requirements are for recorded TV (from the media center) music (ripped from CDs) videos (downloaded from the web) podcasts, photos, etc. i reckon 1Tb should do to start with, but 2 or more would be nice. Also, for the long run, i am building a second media center for the living room for the parents. this will allow them to record their shows down stairs. it would be nice to get it talking to a single storage area on the network for them to see photos i have taken and also upload their own, and also for music. Paschal replied with a sugestion of a wifi hub for connecting USB to the network over wifi, but i think i need GB ethernet to start with, and will have access to it over wifi using my WIFI AP.

So, there you have the reason. any ideas?