Last week i was talking to a friend of mine who asked why i was buying a microsoft smartphone and not a symbian one. Well, the answer is simple: more everything on the windows based phone! Take this as an example. the only symbian phone that would interest me, and that was in my price range is the Nokia 6600. this costs about 600 euro and has a built in 640×480 camera. but the major difference is memory. the 6600 comes with 6mb storage memory as standard and takes MMC cards for upgradability. it has Real player on it for watching videos, listening to music, etc, comes with opera as a web browser, and does some pretty sweet things. but then take the i-mate smartphone 2 that i have. for the same price you get 32mb internal memory, use of an SD card (which pretty much all my mobile devices now take, well my palm, my PDA and now my phone), pocket IE for web and wap browsing, windows media player for listening to music, watching videos, etc, and quite a lot more! it can be programmed with the .NET compact framework so any VB or C# developer can write apps for it, and generally, it rocks. now, if you think this is one sided, i have a 7650. and i keep running out of ram on it (4mb storage). the 6600, which is a more advanced phone, only comes with 6mb! this is slighty weird. the best phone i heard nokia releasing (or thinking of releasing) was the 6620. an edge enabled phone with 12mb memory! 12! the imate has 20mb more! well, thats my rant over for the day. sorry. but thats my reason for picking windows smartphone edition over Symbian series 60.