Right. so OSNews has a post asking users to post their setup they are currently using… I was going to post a comment with mine, but though it would take up too much space… so, here is mine. Leave a comment if you wish with your setup…

**Main workstation: **There was a series of posts about this machine, and the v.next has now become the v.current. This machine currently acts as Dev Workstation, Hyper-V Server, and anything else i need a big fast machine for (Photo processing, Video Editing and conversion, etc) Specs are as follows:

Dual Xeon (Nehamam) 2.26Gz (Quad core, Hyper Threaded)
12Gb DDR 3 Memory
2 300Gb Western Digital Velociraptors (Raid 0 for boot and system drives)
2 1Tb Western Digital Caviar Black Drives (Raid 1 for Data)
NVidia GeForce 275 Graphics with 896mb ram
Running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Proliant Server (Hyper-V, Active Directory Domain Controller (secondary), DNS (Secondary), DHCP)
Intel Xeon 2.6Gz, Dual core
5 Gb Ram (DDR2 IIRC)
Currently got a 250Gb boot drive, and 2 500 Gb data drives, but this will change when the SAN gets built…
Windows 2008 Server (upgrading to R2 soon)

**Mac Pro (Hyper-V Server, Remote Desktop Gateway)
**Dual proc, Dual Core Xeon 2.66Gz
12Gb RAM
2 74Gb Western Digital Raptors
ATI Radion 9600GT Graphics (512mb ram)
Windows Server 2008 R2

Opteron Box (IIS, SQL Active Directory! only found out its setup for this now!)
Dual Opteron processor (old style, no Virtualization Technology, not even Dual core!)
2GB RAM (maxed out!) this is a SFF Box…
80Gb HDD
Windows Server 2008
Very basic box… Does the job, and nothing else…

Poweredge (Active Directory (Primary), DNS (Primary))
2.4Gz P4 Xeon (Hyper threaded, 64 bit and nothing else)
768Mb RAM…
80Gb HDD
Windows Server 2003 (Yup… its old!)
This used to act as the main webserver, SQL, ISA and Exchange box in the house, but it got old and needed to be replaced. now its just a nice little Active Directory box… Eventually planning on paving, upgrading the RAM and keeping just for AD and DNS. Maybe even a bit of file sharing…

**Laptop (main working laptop, college notes, messing around when im board box…)
**MacBook Pro
2.4Gz Core 2 Duo processor
250Gb (i think) HDD
Dual boot Win 7 X64 Ultimate and OSX 10.6 (Mostly Win7)
Its a Late 2008 UniBody MacBook Pro… More specs if yo go looking for it… Too lazy to look now…

NetBook (Messing with the MacBook is too big)
MSI Wind
Atom 1.6Gz Processor
160Gb HDD
Windows 7

So, thats about it… What have you got?