so, i have had the treo for a few days now and its pretty cool, but what have I got on it, you may ask. well, there\’s a few things. firstly there\’s the Handspring Blazer Web browser, which so far is handy. used it to post some stuff here when i got it first. there is adobe acrobat for the Palm, which i use in conjunction with my mac to print out docs and send to my PDA (mac has built in save as PDF option). Next we have <a href="">Today</a> which is a little app that makes your palm look like the PocketPC Startup page. handy! next is <a href="">Bejeweled</a>. This game is pretty sweet. The <a href="">Eudora Internet Suite</a> is installed too. Email, web browser, what more could you want? <a href="">Hand/RSS!</a> RSS news feeds on the move. having some problems with some feeds, but cool none the less! Vagablog is installed, but i told you that before, and so is <a href="">Palm</a> WAP and the bluetooth drivers for the palm bluetooth adapter. also got <a href="">TuSSH</a> installed for managing the server. So far, most of the stuff on it is still DEMO, but i only got it friday, so ill wait before i buy!