Im going to do one of these for my Dell laptop and my Dell Axim over the next few days, and maybe my workstation, but for now, here is what is installed on my PowerBook G4:

iLife 05 and all applications assoicated with it. (Boxed software. see below)
MSN Messenger: for chatting with friends, etc. (free)
Microsoft Office 2004 for the Mac Pro. (boxed software. See below)
FireFox G4 optimized build (free)
iPodderX Lite (lite is free, non lite costs $19.95)
NetNewsWire Beta (30 day trial, $39.95)
Speed Download 3 ($20)
OmniWeb 5.1 ($29.95)</a>
Unison ($24.95)
Transmit ($29.95)
KisMac (free)
Bits on Wheels (currently free)
Virex 7.5 (Free with .Mac see below)
Windows Media Player (Free)
FreeFall Screen Saver (Free with .mac see below)
DivX 5.2 (Free download)
iWork (Boxed software see below)
Palm Desktop (came with my Treo 90)
Thats about all i can find at the moment.. Hopefully this helps someone. Links to products listed above: