I have seen a few of these around the place so, i decided to do my own one. So, what do i carry around with me usually? Well, the most important thing is my phone. Its an imate smartphone 2. I have a 64mb SD memory card for it. Next is my Pocket PC. Its a Dell Axim X30 with Wifi and bluetooth and a 128mb SD card. i have also started to carry around my FujiFilm FinePix A310 digital camera with me. 3MegaPixels is enough and a lot better then my 0.3MegaPixels camera on my Smartphone. i also carry around a spare 16mb XD memory card for it (it has a 16mb card already in it). Finishing off what i carry around in my pockets is my head phones. its a pair of creative labs back phones. sounds great. i also carry around a back pack. in that i have my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 510m with 1.5Gz processor, 768mb ram and 30Gb hdd. there is a charger for that and a charger and docking station for my smartphone. i used to carry a docking cable and charger for my Axim, but it doesent need as much charging as i though (with normal usage and listening to music on it for an hour and a half in the morning during travel it lasts the entire day. other then that, i have my keys and wallet. i need more gadgets. now, what should i get…. :)