Well, its been a while since i did a contents of my gadget bag post, so here i go again. its been about 8 months, and im carrying a lot more stuff then i did back then. No photos, yet (maybe later) but here is the list.

Depending on the day, i carry 2 bags with me. one holds the laptops and quite a lot of other stuff, the other is my camera bag.

Contents of the laptop bag:

HP Pavillion DV8025EA laptop, 17″ screen, 1.8Gz AMD Turion 64 processor, 2Gb ram, 80Gb hdd, etc, etc. (main laptop)
Apple G4 15″ PowerBook (1.33Gz G4, 1Gb ram, 60Gb hdd, etc, etc). (photos and stuff)
Power cables for Laptops
Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Adapter
Microsoft Laptop Mouse
Sony Headphones
Books (if needed)

The Camera bag is a little less cluttered, but still has the following:

Canon 350D Digital Camera
Canon 18-55MM Lens
Canon 55-200MM Lens (USM)
Canon battery Grip (and second adapter for battery grip to allow use of AA Batteries)
USB 2 Card reader and cable
2 1Gb Compact Flash cards

Finally, the stuff i carry in my pockets:

O2 XDA2s (main PDA)
Orange SPV C500 (main phone)
Dell Axim X30 (main GPS thing)
Bluetooth GPS device (see above)
Creative Zen 6Gb Micro (Main music MP3/WMA player. 6Gb of music from napster (legal) installed on this)
Apple 60 iPod 5th Gen (Podcasting device, some videos)

So there you have it. im lucky i drive a car or i wouldent be able to carry all this stuff with me! :)