[Slashdot What if Microsoft went Open Source?]1 Hmmm. interesting though. only one or two things. MS have quite a lot of developers working for them at the moment, and the source tree is updated all the time. many developers may have the code out on their system. MS figured out how to fix this for there workers, but its a big project. if you ware to open the code, the development project would be on a scale of the linux kernel, plus some more. probably lots more. MS have quite a few thousand developers working for them, and then the open source community working on the code too. seconly, probably little apps could be open sourced. in the example they say MS Project. i dont think we could ever imagine MS releasing the code to somethink like Windows, Office or even Visual Studio. all of these would be way to big, and it would cost MS a lot of money, firstly in the development costs to open the code, and also in lost revinue. I would like to see the day when something like this happened! It would be a welcome day! Theres also an other post here.