I have a creative zen micro, which i have upgraded to the latest firmware version (2.20.05). I have a few windows media player 10 auto play lists set up (top rated songs (4-5 stars), new podcasts (in a particular directory, with a play count less then 1), etc) but when a podcast is set as played, it is removed from the playlist, but not the device… this is weird. with the PPC (my XDA or my Axim) when a song is removed from a playlist, it is removed from the device. anyone with a Zen micro know how to fix this problem? i know the manual way of deleting the file normaly, but thats an extra step, and i want this automated! Any tips? Thanks! [update] problem solved! i had the wrong autoplaylist being synced with the device, and it was set to songs that where auto rated to 4 or 5 stars, and most of the podcasts i was subscribed to where auto rated to 4 stars… stupid problem, but now solved!