Ok after a scary 20+ hours, my site is back online. this morning at 9am i changed DNS to show you the backup site hosted at nearlyfreespeech.net, but now we are running again at home. there was an NTL problem, but they dont know what it was. works grand now though. it opened my eyes and made me think about hosting outside again, but because of this new project of rewriting this site in ASP.NET i would need windows hosting, so nearlyfreespeech.net wont do since they run linux. i am now in search for a good ASP.NET hoster with lots of bandwidth. this will mean i can have my weblog, the-hairy-one.com, my software site, and anything else i can think of all on one large server, and i can also have a podcast if i want. We will see… There will be more posts later and also an update on the ASP.NET version of this site.