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<a href="http://my-symbian.com/7650/download/search.php?name=VS%20Httpd">VS HTTPd</a> is a very small (thus the name) Web server for your Series 60 handset. Quite aside from the thrill — for some small definition thereof, certainly — of seeing a Web server running on your phone, the app is useful for sharing any snapshots taken with your cameraphone live on the Internet.

Make a GPRS connection using any network-aware application on your phone (Opera works nicely), launch VS HTTPd, select Options > Start, and visit the IP address shown on your mobile\’s screen using any Web browser. There are a few additional settings available to you, allowing for different root and photo directories.</p>

I managed to visit my phone from the Opera Web browser running on my phone itself, but not from anywhere in the outside world — outside of T-Mobile\’s GPRS service, that is.</p>

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interesting. now if only i could get my mac to send files to the nokia i would be happy!!