In the last while, AMD released the Opteron, thier 64Bit server chip. Intel has had a 64Bit server Itainum for the last while, and are releasing more soon. AMD are releasing the Athlon 64, a 64bit Athlon for desktops in the next while and yesterday Apple released their G5, a 64Bit chip from IBM. It has finally happened people. after about 10 years with 32 bit computing (1993? – 2003) we are now getting 64 bit chips!!! Now even though there have been 64 bit chips before, Microsoft must have very bad memories. They say the latest copy of windows, win2k3, is the first 64 bit version of windows. well i want to ask them what they though the copy of windows NT for the Alpha CPU was? The Alpha was a 64 bit chip from digital, who where bought by Compaq and then compaq where bought by HP. Compaq released a few systems with the Alpha CPUs in them. WinNT was released in 64 bit mode and win2k had some beta tests as a 64 bit OS for the Alpha. i also think theres a copy of windows XP for 64bit chips (could be Itainium or the Opteron), but its still there. so much for a first!!! The apple one looks nice. wonder when everyone will have 64bit power at home? PS. Pardon my french at the start!!!