Dot Net Sample Chapters has a post with links to Visual Studio 2008 BETA 2 Downloads.

Here are a few, and the rest you will have to check their site!

Visual Studio Team System 2008 BETA 2 Team Suite (VPC) (Non VPC Version here)(i think the names are getting longer this time around…)

Visual Studio 2008 BETA 2 Team Foundation Server (VPC) (non VPC version here)

I am currently download the Team Suite VPC, TFS VPC and the Team Suite, non VPC. The total side is currently 13.4Gb, and i am getting 735KBytes a second…. So about 5 hours… Give or take. Hmmmm. I love boardband! :) Though, i think may put me over the top on my Download Cap…. Hmmmm…. Ahhh, sure its worth it!