the amount of people linking back to me now or talking about me because of the little stunt i pulled yesterday offering Gmail accounts. just check feedster for results on Tiernan. over 1000 instants of me! wahoo! there are still people talking about it today. Chris Szugort is talking about it (well, about gmail invites being Viral Marketing, which i agree with!). this is pretty funny. i got an extra 200 visitors to my main weblog yesterday because of it. lots of people read the article i posted because of the lure of free invites! Im going to have to try this again when i get more invites. the invites i got yesterday where my 3 set of invites (i got 3 first, then a bunch of 6, and then yesterday i got an other 6). So, i have none today, but maybe tomorrow. thats an other viral marketing thing. come back tomorrow and continue reading my blog for more info! :) dont forget to subscribe to my RSS feed! direct to your desktop! :) use any of the many RSS Readers out there (RSS Bandit, Sharp Reader, or any of the others you find when searching google).