Check out this post over at Chris Lanier’s blog showing you how to get Windows Movie Maker to open, edit and compress DVR-MS files. this is an extreamly handy feature. i have a shed load (well, maybe hard drive load) of movies, TV shows, etc, that i have recorded that have ads, breaks, disclamers (Sky Movies films) etc in them, and they all take up about 2Gb per hour. that works out at about 34Mb/Min of video. if a standard 1 hour show has 4 breaks, each 3 min long, and 2 min either side of the show, thats a total of 16 min, weighing in at about 550Mb. since i record a LOT, this is a lot of wasted space. not only that, using WMM, i can recompress them to use even less space. Very handy stuff!

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