Im currently listening to FM104 over the internet. its streaming over the web @ 20kbits/s. im just working out that @ 20kbits/s, 1 hour of audio works out at 9mb. my usb memory key is currently 128mb in total. thats 14 hours of music. now, i know that the audio quality is nowhere near CD quality, but its good and listenable. so, even @ lets say 40k/s, you still get 7 hours of audio. its better then the 2 – 4 hours of cd quality audio. im in work for about 8 hours a day. with 20k/s i would never hear the same song twice! hmmmm. interesting. so, now to find a quick way of converting mp3’s into wma’s. could be interesting. im not even going to try this for CDs. i dont think i have enough time to hear 77 hours of audio on a 700mb disc!! :P haha.