So, I have been thinking of upgrading my workstation at home for a while now, and I have found one possible solution. See, the MacPro came originally with 2 Dual core Xeons at 2.66Gz. if I wanted to move to 2 Quad Core Xeons (which I do), I would need to buy me a couple of Xeon 5355.  These ain’t cheap! Elara are selling them for a 683EUR, each!
So, while playing around, I found this post, talking about overlclocking the E5320 Xeon to 1333Mhz FSB, and how well it works with the mac pro. Given that the E5320’s sell for 245EUR, i can get 2 of them for less than the price of 1 of the 5355s. And, since memory is cheap, a couple extra gigs of ram will be thrown in for good mesure… 4Gb Kit (2x2Gb FBDIMMS) cost 136EUR on Shop4Memory at the moment…  which makes the total upgrade (2 5320s and 2 4Gb kits) EUR762… only 79EUR more than a single Xeon 5355!