So, busy, busy, busy. i havent posted as much as i would have liked, and i havent even coded anything in a while, but hopefully all this will change over the next while. A few things have happend, which i wanted to post about sooner, but havent had a change:

1: I passed my driving test! i have been waiting a while for this (June 05 i applied for the test, and the actual test was Saturday 16 September 2006, so a good 16 month wait!).

2: I bought a car! (photos soon). Its a 1996 BMW 523i, 2.5 liter, and its beautiful! i love this car!

3: minor compaired to the last 2, but i just bought 2 Dell 20″ monitors (arrived this morning, to set them up tonight, hopefully, and photos) and i ordered a Mac Pro, Dual Proc, Dual core Xeon at 2.66Gz, this morning (photos when it arrives, hopefully next week).

So, its been quite busy. there have been a couple of things that may look like they have been shelved ( but actually havent, i just havent had time to update them. mind you there are other things that have been to an extent ( we see if i can get back into the swing of things soon!