Ok. So, this is the first “Updates and Stuff” for this site, well, ever. Basically I’m going to update things I have done and stuff, and talk about things I’m going to try and get done over the next few weeks.

Firstly, RSSAgg. ISA 2004 beta is going weird for me, or it’s my router or Linux box or something. Actually I think it could be all 3. How? Well, the router is, the Windows Server 2003 with ISA2004 is and the server is The server is set to use the router as its gateway, so is the ISA box. The router sends all incoming port 80 traffic to the ISA box, which in turn splits it between my Linux web server and my windows XP workstation. But all data is then sent back though the router. I think my Windows XP box might be sending it back though the ISA box, but I don’t know. There are probably some tweaks I have to do, but ill hopefully get it working again soon. What does that got do with RSSAgg? Well, RSSAgg is running on my Windows XP workstation, and because my router is now only sending port 80 traffic to the Linux box, none of it is going to the Windows XP box and that’s why it’s not working. Also, I know there is a bug in RSSAgg, which I’m going to work on fixing later.

Secondly, the new hardware! My laptop is on the way. It left Dell a few hours ago and Dell say it should be here within 2 – 3 days. Hopefully it will! I have seen dell delivering on a Saturday, so hopefully it could arrive then. The PDA hasn’t shipped yet, but it should be here within the next 10 days, probably quicker. When it comes to the phone and router, I emailed Expansys a few times and got no reply. The final time I emailed them, about 20 min ago, I said that the order was for a lot of money (EUR700 in total) and that if I got no reply quickly I would go else where. 2 minutes later I get a phone call from someone in their sales division. They needed some extra information (photo copy of the card holder’s driving license and photos or photo copy of the credit card) and I sent it yesterday, but got no replies. They never got the information. I’m guessing it could be a problem with Gmail. Well, its still beta! Anyway, they are working on it now. Took 4 days to get from them to me the last time I ordered something, so i’m hoping about the same amount of time this time.

Ohhh, also I’m now a Microsoft Employee, or Student Co-Op, which is like an Intern in Microsoft. It’s pretty sweet. I started on Monday, and I’m here for the next 9 months. So, that’s pretty cool.

Finally, new counter on the site. The other one, the counter intelligence one is pretty sweet, but this one works well too. I have had it on since about 7 or 8 o’clock GMT yesterday and I already have over 200 unique visitors! Not bad! And FeedBurner has changed their stats page too. Now you can see how many unique readers you have too. Or they call it circulation. It works fairly well. I have a few readers, so I know someone is reading! :)

So, sorry for the long winded post. I can probably see reader ship dropping now. But I wanted to do this. Talk to you after, which real posts.