Ok. firstly, more on specs. Its got an Athlon XP 2200+ Processor, 512Mb DDR 333Mhz ram, an MSI K7N2 Delta Main board with AGP 8, SATA, DDR 400 Ram support 4 onboard USB2 ports and an optional 2 on the front or back, FireWire support and also 5.1 sound. It also has built in LAN Serial ATA Raid, and i think it has standard raid too because it has 3 IDE connectors. 10/100 LAN and some other sweet things. Also, we got an 80Gb Samsung hard drive. 8mb cache, 7200RPM. 52X CDRW Drive, which was not bad for about 25EUR! i missing a video card, and there was no power supply with the case. ohh this case rocks though! 2 120MM case fans with built in fan control on the case, front USB ports and front sound connectors too. for 37EUR it was worth every penny, but the lack of power supply was a bit of a pain in the ass. i ripped 3 different power supplies out of 3 different machine before i got a working one. as for the video card issue, thats a bigger pain. i have some video cards here that are AGP 4 cards, or maybe one is AGP 2 or 1, cant remember. but the AGP card with not fit in the APG8X slot. its probably AGP2 or AGP1, which sucks. so, the machine is sitting on my floor doing nothing at the moment. hopefully tomorrow we can get it up and running. it has made me think though. maybe i should get one as a media center machine. that would be sweet… so, photos tomorrow, hopefully.