Ok. in the thing i posted about prices, i told you prices of the stuff i wanted to get. heres an update and some extras i want to get.

So in total the price will be roughly 1461.47 (2 CPUs, 2 Dimms, 2 Hdds, 1 board, 1 case, 1 PS, 1 DVD). It is roughly 322.96 more then i had originally though. Hmmmm. will take a bit longer to get, but will be a lot better :P I should be getting the board fialry soon. wont be this week comming (starting monday 19th) but it may be the week starting either monday 26 or monday 2th june. Actually on seconds thoughs, it may not be till the second or third week of june. i though i had more then i actually have :( Ahhh well, ill be happy when i get it! :P