Right, so this is a very cool announcement! UPC, the new name for NTL, has announced 20mb broadband packages in Ireland. This is now the 2nd upgrade this year. The year started with 6mb down, 600k up. this was nice. had a 40gb bandwidth cap, i think… anyway, in March or April (cant remember off hand) they upgraded the connection to 12mb down, 1mb up. this came with a 120Gb bandwidth cap. Nice, you may say. And it was! Finally, Tomorrow, July 1, they upgrade their connections to 20mb down, 1.5Mb up and no bandwidth cap! SWEET! this now brings my total bandwidth to the house at over 40mb/s…

  • 20Mb Cable model into my comms/bed room
  • 8mb ADSL line into my comms/bed room
  • 10mb cable model into my sisters room (was 3mb, now 10).
  • 3.6mb/s 3G modem, which i use mainly on my laptop.

Starting to wonder if BT will retaliate with a faster than 8mb connection…. I know that Smart are currently offering up to 15mb down, and 1mb up (though the extra upload is an extra fee…).