I have a BlackBerry curve i got as an upgrade “present” a while back, and as soon as i got it, i asked for the unlocking code. It finally arrived, and included instructions on how to unlock it.

I had a quick look online, and it seems there are a few places giving out information, and they are all WRONG! instead of reading the text, i tried following the online instructions, and they all failed…

So, here are the instructions, direct from my carrier, and i can confirm they work:

  1. turn off all data connections: Menu -> Manager Connections -> Turn All Connections Off
  2. Back to Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> Sim Card
  3. Type in MEPD (nothing shows until you finish typing). you now have a list of security items, with enabled and disabled on each. SIM was set to enabled for me. I think everything else was set to disabled. your milage may vary…
  4. now type in MEP2 (holding down ALT for 2).
  5. you will be prompted for an unlock code. we you get this is up to you… i wont give out links to that sort of thing… i got mine direct from my carrier…
  6. hit enter and your locks will disapear (Sim and maybe carrier will now be listed as disabled).
  7. reboot your phone and remember to turn on your data connections.

Hope this helps someone!