well, it could be for the iPod, but at the moment, no news from apple. slashdot are reporting that Toshiba have created an 80Gb hdd that is the same size (1.8inch) as the one in the iPod photo and standard iPod. this is a pretty cool thing. and speaking of small hard drives, toms hardware has a review of 9 Laptop hard drives. these are 2.5 inch in size and run at speeds up to 7200RPM and with sizes of up to 100Gb. i need a new HDD for my laptop. the 30gb is nealry full. but thats an other story all to gether. anyway, they talk about these drives for laptops, but they are also being used in small blade servers too. anyway, we see what happens next year. 80gb iPod photo and maybe a 5Gb iPod mini?